Coinbase customers angry with client support when funds disappear from accounts

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Coinbase clients are  emitted once more in frustration with the shortage of customer support from the $65 billion company.

Coinbase is under attack for horrible client service following reports of users accounts being hacked and drained of funds.

According to an August 24 investigation by CNBC, thousands of shoppers across the country have lodged complaints against the corporation.

The outlet expressed that it had interviewed various Coinbase customers who claimed hackers had drained their accounts, with the problem exacerbated by the exchange not responding to support requests:

“Interviews with Coinbase customers round the country and a review of thousands of complaints reveal a pattern of account takeovers, wherever users see cash suddenly vanish from their account, followed by poor client service from Coinbase that created those users feeling left hanging and angry.”

One Coinbase consumer, Tanja Vidovic, claimed to have lost nearly all of her $168,000 in cryptocurrency holdings when receiving a number of password change security alerts in April. making an attempt to contact Coinbase by phone was useless, Tanja said.

Another client told the outlet that when logging into the Coinbase app in March, almost $35,000 in numerous crypto assets had disappeared from his account. Coinbase’s regulative Response Team eventually emailed the victim stating that transactions on the blockchain are irreversible adding that Coinbase’s insurance doesn’t collect larceny from individual accounts.

In March, the NY Times ran a chunk on a helpless Coinbase client who eventually sued the corporation when losing $100,000 worth of cryptocurrency.

Venting their frustrations, different Coinbase users have taken to social media like famous analyst Kaleo who told his 360,000 followers that the corporation had shown an “absolutely embarrassing show of looking after customers.”

The tweet, which was announced a day ago, had already attracted a stream of responses from different Coinbase customers that had similar issues with support or had been hacked. Coinbase did really reply to this grievance, however one individual acknowledged that:

“You can solely reply and assist folks that have several followers therefore your name won’t go right down to hell! What about us? five months with no help! locked account!”

Others aforesaid “I haven’t been able to get into my Coinbase account for pretty much four months currently. The worst!”

In April, once the company went public, Coinbase chief operating officer Brian Armstrong somewhat ironically told CNBC, “People no need to be scared t

of it [crypto] like in early days.”

Coinbase users have filed quite 12,000 complaints against Coinbase with the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau since 2016, and therefore the majority of them associated  with client service.


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