Bain Capital Ventures wants to create a crypto investment fund

Institutional investors are finding more ways to enter the cryptocurrency space and provide more exposure to their clients

Bain Capital Ventures has revealed that it has launched a new cryptocurrency-focused fund. The venture capital firm launched the fund to make it easier for its clients to gain access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

According to the SEC filing, Bain Capital named the fund BCV Crypto Fund I. So far, the fund is yet to attract investors and Ajay Agarwal and Enrique Salem have been named as the partners of the investment fund.

This latest development isn’t the first time Bain Capital Ventures has got involved in the cryptocurrency space. The firm has invested in a wide range of cryptocurrency companies over the past few years. So far, the firm has invested more than $1.3 billion into cryptocurrency startups and is looking to expand its presence in the cryptocurrency space.

Some of the companies Bain Capital Ventures invested in include Digital Currency Group, Compound, Lolli and more. Bain Capital Ventures was also one of the biggest investors in BlockFi’s $350 million funding round earlier this year.

The cryptocurrency space has seen a wide range of venture capitalist firms come in and invest in numerous projects. These VC firms have been betting big on crypto-focused firms, investing billions of dollars into the industry.

The rapid and massive growth experienced by the cryptocurrency market over the past few years is one of the key reasons why investors are lining up to pump in more funds. The broader cryptocurrency market has grown to become a $2 trillion industry, and experts believe that it could experience further growth in the coming months and years.

Bitcoin is trading around the $46,000 region, but there is a general sense of optimism that things could improve soon, and the price could head towards the $100,000 zone before the end of the year.

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